django unchained 5 columbia 'Django Unchained' pulled from Chinese theaters on opening dayQuentin Tarantino‘s slavery drama “Django Unchained” was pulled from Chinese theaters on opening day Thursday (April 11), reports the New York Times. No reason was given for why the film’s opening was suspended.

News reports had previously said that some of the film’s graphic violence was edited to pass muster with the censors in China, but employees at a theater in Beijing say the film was pulled because of technical problems with the movie.

An employee at one theater says that “Django Unchained” was shown at a midnight release on Thursday to about 150 people, but another employee adds that the the movie was ordered taken down — “There’s probably something in the film that’s not up to standard.”

China does not have the movie ratings system in place that the United States has. Instead, movies and television programs are censored. Either the scenes deemed unacceptable are edited or the work is banned. Moreover, since there is no ratings system in place, all movies and television must be deemed acceptable for children, since there’s a possibility children might be in the audience.

Zhang Miao, director of Sony Pictures’ Chinese branch, says of the editing already done to “Django,” “What we call bloodshed and violence is just a means of serving the
purpose of the film, and these slight adjustments will not affect the
basic quality of the film — such as tuning the blood to a darker color,
or lowering the height of the splatter of blood. Quentin knew how to adjust that, and it’s necessary
that he is the one to do it. You can give him suggestions, but it must
be him.”

Tarantino has not commented on editing his movie to pass muster in China.

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