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The cast of “Do The Right Thing” came together once again to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the iconic film. Everyone from Spike Lee to Ruby Dee to Giancarlo Esposito reunited thanks to Entertainment Weekly and “Good Morning America.”

“That film took the world by storm. People still call me Mookie today,” Lee says. Everyone except Dee, that is. She laughs and says, “No, I will never say M-O-O-K-I-E ever again.”

Even though “Do The Right Thing” was made decades ago, it still has left a big impact on its actors. “The film really put me on the map as a character actor. It changed my life,” Esposito says. Dee adds, “I remember the opening sequence of do the right thing, yes. Everyone on Twitter likes to remind me of it.”

“Do The Right Thing” was released on June 30, 1989. This reunion is the last of “GMA’s” reunion week.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz