“Downton Abbey” has a long and distinguished list of famous fans. Now it can add two of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars to the roster.

George Clooney and Matt Damon have recently been doing press for “The Monuments Men,” Clooney’s new directorial foray that chronicles a WWII Army unit made up of art experts who are tasked with finding and returning stolen art. “Downton” star Hugh Bonneville plays one of those museum-curators-turned-soldiers, Lt. Donald Jeffries. Which means Clooney and Damon have been getting questions about their co-star’s popular U.K. period drama.

“We all love that show, it’s huge,” Clooney tells The Sun, though when asked if he would make a cameo, says he’s not high-brow enough for the posh Crawley family. “I am too lowly for a part, I don’t think they want me. I can’t do the accent either. It’s all very Dick Van Dyke.”

First of all, we’re fairly certain “Downton” could squeeze him in somewhere. Secondly, we would pay good money to hear George Clooney’s Dick-Van-Dyke-in-“Mary-Poppins” British accent.

Meanwhile, Damon was asked in an interview for Heart (above) if Bonneville convinced him to guest-star on “Downton” yet and Damon says, “He could, he could. Everybody loves that show. My wife loves the show more than anybody.”

“Even more than Michelle Obama?” asks the interviewer.

“I don’t know. They would have a lot to talk about,” says Damon.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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