“Duck Dynasty” stars Phil Robertson and Miss Kay Robertson star in a new trailer for their new I Am Second film “The Robertsons” about their pre-fame struggles that nearly tore their family apart.

It started when Phil’s alcoholism got worse, to the point that he got in a big barroom brawl and he drove Miss Kay and their children off. “It got about as bad as it can get,” Miss Kay tells Us Weekly.

Phil even accused Miss Kay of cheating on him, and that led her to want to kill herself. “For him just to say that … I think that’s the most hopeless feeling I had,” she says. “[I felt] like I could not save this marriage, I couldn’t save him. I was obviously not feeling like I could rise above it.”

In the trailer for the 30-minute movie, Miss Kay says, “The drinking got worse. And I knew then, but I didn’t want to believe it — he was running around on me. And what I would tell my boys all the time is, ‘That’s not your daddy. That’s the devil in your daddy.'”

“The Robertsons” comes out Nov. 21.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz