Anyone who’s seen “Frozen” knows Elsa has a dark side, but what if she actually was the villain of the movie? As it turns out, all one needs to do is make a few minor edits to the film and that’s exactly what she becomes.

The team at BloodBlitz Comedy put together a video that rehashes the plot of “Frozen” and presents a much more sinister take on the movie. Here she was a “demented child” with “powers meant to kill,” a “monster” who puts everyone in danger.

Oh, and the video ends with a horror movie-take on “Let It Go.” Seriously, it’s too perfect.

“Frozen: Attack of the Ice Queen” has racked up over 35,000 views as of press time. As it turns out, the video strikes pretty true to home; “Frozen” director Jennifer Lee originally conceptualized her as the villain of the story, and there’s concept art to show just how different the movie would have looked.

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“Elsa was going to be the complete antagonist,” Lee says in the book “The Art of Frozen.” “They kept calling her the ‘villain.’ But there came a point where we said, ‘We can’t use that word anymore.’ You care about someone who’s been forces to hide who they are. Elsa’s not a villain, she just makes some bad choices because she’s in a very difficult situation.”

It was the breakout hit song “Let It Go” that changed the creators’ minds about the direction of “Frozen” and its use of Elsa. As songwriter husband and wife duo Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez got into the mind of a woman struggling with her powers, she suddenly became a much more empathetic character.

“The issue that kept coming up is, ‘What do Anna and Elsa have to do with each other? Why does it matter, and how could it matter more?'” says Lee. “Someone in the room said, ‘What if they were sisters?’ … Elsa became more the yin to Anna’s yang, as opposed to the bad guy.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz