the croods dvd emma stone ryan reynolds dreamworks 'The Croods': Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds' chemistry was a happy accidentMuch of the success of 2013’s massively popular DreamWorks Animation feature “The Croods” may be owed to the tangible chemistry between co-stars Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds, who play Eep and Guy.

Director Chris Sanders explains that while voice actors are usually not even present at the same recording session for animated features, Stone and Reynolds were together for one recording session — the scene where Eep and Guy meet.

“I think with that one we lucked out, ” Sanders tells Zap2it. “You always get these happy accidents. But with that kind of a role — a role that’s that intimate, you definitely luck out when you get [the actors] in a room together. So I think in that one recording session, we got more relationship stuff than in the other recording sessions. I think we got very lucky on that.” Sanders says the undeniable chemistry between Emma and Ryan “was something we discovered in the room” at that first session.

Sanders and his co-director, Kirk De Micco, say they liked the fact that Eep was a female character who defied convention. But they were also dealing with a cast of characters that needed to be relatable.

“We wanted to find caveman pretty,” says Sanders. “Because you still need her to be appealing, right? So that was the interesting thing about that whole problem — we had to figure out what would ‘caveman pretty’ be?”  Sanders says the secret is that Eep’s muscular swimmer-like physique and agile movements were actually modeled after those of a feline.

After raking in a whopping $585 million at the worldwide box office, “The Croods” will return for a second installment, along with Emma, Ryan and their co-star Nicolas Cage.

“The Croods” is available Tuessday (Sept. 17) on HD digital from Fox Home Entertainment. The movie hits DVD, Blu-Ray and 3D DVD on Oct. 1.

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