jane levy evil dead remake 2013 sony 'Evil Dead' remake trailer is a bloody good R rated rebuttal to the doubtersThe trailer for the remake of Sam Raimi’s cult classic horror film “The Evil Dead” has one very important thing to prove: That there’s a good reason this movie was made.

Raimi himself is a producer on the remake, but fans of the original series (which starred Bruce Campbell as iconic hero Ash) have been skeptical ever since it was announced. So it’s probably smart to drop a trailer that’s so intense, so bloody, so nightmarishly creepy that it would leave even the most dubious doubters out there with nothing to say except: “Holy… crap!”

The remake, opening April 12, 2013, stars Jane Levy (“Suburgatory”), Shiloh Fernandez (“Red Riding Hood”), Lou Taylor Pucci (“Girls”) and Jessica Lucas (“Cloverfield”) and Oscar winner Diablo Cody worked on the script. But this is nothing like “Juno”…

As Levy — whose character gets possessed by a demon and starts attacking her friends — tells Collider, the production was grueling: “It’s the hardest thing I probably will ever do … I was totally miserable. There was so much blood that I got a terrible ear infection because it all got stuck in my ear. A doctor there said it was the worst ear infection he’d ever seen in his life. I couldn’t hear for three weeks. My balance was all off. My head hurt. I was so tired. I got buried alive. I had tubes stuck in all these orifices so I could projectile vomit, so I could projectile bleed. Ninety percent of the movie I’m soaking wet. It was the middle of winter. We shot outside. It was so, so, so tough.” But she’s happy with what she’s seen of the final product, calling the look: “Really, really, really cool.”

Check out the groovy redband (meaning R-rated) trailer below. Warning: it’s NSFW, unless your work regularly includes graphic violence and buckets of blood.

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