fables movie 'Fables' comic book series to become a movie   Nikolaj Arcel to direct

Hollywood is giving another go at bringing fan-favorite Vertigo comic book series “Fables” to life. This time, “A Royal Affair” director Nikolaj Arcel and “Fantastic Four” reboot scribe Jeremy Slater are currently attached to develop a feature film based on the Bill Willingham series, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. “Harry Potter” producer David Heyman and his partner Jeremy Clifford will produce the flick through Heyday Films along with Warner Bros.

This is the second time someone has attempted to make a movie out of “Fables.” Warner Bros. originally tried to make a film along with the Jim Henson Company back in 2004, but that attempt didn’t even get to the writing stage.

In 2005, NBC developed a pilot for a show based on the comics intended for the 2006-2007 television series, but the network ultimately didn’t follow through with the project beyond a script order. Similarly, ABC picked up the rights to a “Fables” pilot in 2008 with the intent to make a series for the 2009-2010 TV season, though nothing ever came of that either. NBC went on to pick up ” Grimm,” while ABC opted for “Once Upon a Time.” Additionally, Telltale Games (the studio behind the award-winning “Walking Dead” game) is releasing a “Fables” video game over the summer called “The Wolf Among Us.”

Like “Once Upon a Time,” “Fables” tells a story of fairy tale creatures set in our everyday world, albiet with a darker twist than that TV series. The series has been ongoing since 2002. The main characters include classics like Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf, Little Boy Blue and Prince Charming. It’s won 14 Eisner Awards. Here’s Vertigo’s synopsis of the series:

Once upon a time, a beautiful princess cared for seven amiable dwarves and waited anxiously for her Prince, so they could live happily ever aft–oh, get real! Ms. White is no kept woman! She dumped that two-timing Prince Charming ages ago. Now she’s trying to avoid her attraction to the Big Bad Wolf. And don’t get her started on how much time she’s wasting bailing out her anarchist sister Rose Red and trying to keep the Three Little Pigs off the picket line. It’s all in a day’s work since she became Mayor of Fabletown…

Posted by:Terri Schwartz