A clever “Fight Club” fan made a video that has fellow Tyler Durden-ites on Reddit wishing for a full-length version. Warning: If somehow you haven’t seen this 1999 movie and don’t want to be spoiled on the big twist, stop reading right now.

The video, made by Richard Trammell, is titled “Fight Club minus Tyler Durden,” with Brad Pitt’s Tyler Durden character digitally removed so that Edward Norton’s Narrator character is talking — and fighting with — himself. It’s inspired by the movie’s big twist, that Durden is all a figment of the Narrator’s imagination, as the Narrator has a split personality and is actually doing all the stuff he thinks Durden is doing.

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The digital removal is nearly flawless, though one cheeky Reddit commenter JereMyOhMY says, “Punching a ghost so hard it starts to be visible again at 37 seconds.”

Most of the commenters, however, are highly cpmplimentary of the video, wishing the video was the entire movie instead of one scene, which one commenter says would make a great DVD/Blu-ray extra.

“Well done removing Tyler from the scene. I could see a full version of this being part of some future special edition. I would buy it,” says Th3_Writer.

Make it happen, 20th Century Fox.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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