Hot on the heels of the fan campaigns to give “Frozen’s” Elsa a girlfriend and Captain America a boyfriend, new speculation has all eyes on Disney’s Pixar and the new trailer for “Finding Dory.” The animated sequel to 2003’s “Finding Nemo,” premiered a new preview clip on “Ellen” earlier in the week and one tiny detail has rumors flying.

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Roughly three minutes into the trailer in question, a child gets knocked out of her stroller and the parents, seemingly enough, are both women. While it’s safe to say two women could be friends, or even sisters, Twitter blew up after the clip premiered and the word quickly spread that Pixar has presented their first ever on-screen lesbian couple.

It’s a tiny detail in the trailer that has already raised many hopes that this move will spark more gay characters to show up in family movies in years to come. However, there are many out there who doubt this is the true relationship of the characters. Some think it could simply be a marketing ploy. Whatever the case, it’s possible 2016 may finally be the year progress hits the animated movie world.

Now … what about that Finn/Poe Dameron romance? “Finding Dory” hits theaters everywhere on June 17.

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