If you were to list the things you associate with “Wonder Woman,” it would be pretty easy to check them off as you watch the first trailer for her first feature film, unveiled at Comic-Con in Hall H on Saturday (July 23). There are the bullet-proof bracelets, there’s the truth-inducing golden lasso — who knows, maybe the invisible jet is in there too, we just can’t see it.

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Also in the trailer, however, are plenty of new elements to make you want to embrace what might just be the most high-profile female action film ever made. Gal Gadot’s Diana wields a sword, rides on horseback, and above all else seems to have no desire for a white knight to come to her rescue.

The trailer starts out on the lush island of Themyscira, where Princess Diana and the other Amazons are astounded when Chris Pine’s US officer Steve Trevor washes ashore. After traveling with him to America, some beautifully-shot period images establish the underrated Danny Huston as what looks to be a villain (which would make sense, because he always plays villains), and then the film begins projecting a “Thor”-like vibe.

“I have no father,” Gadot tell Chris Pine at one point. “I was brought to life by Zeus.”

Pondering her words for a moment, he responds: “Well, that’s neat.”

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Directed by acclaimed “Monster” filmmaker Patty Jenkins, the film seems to have cinematic style to spare, fitting effortlessly with the Zack Snyder visuals that have recently dominated the DC universe. We see double-W in costume, wielding her signature weapons and kicking all kinds of butt.

“Wonder Woman” flies into theaters June 2, 2017; can we buy our tickets now?

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