the lego movie business warner bros Fox Business totally misses the point of 'The LEGO Movie': Watch

Everything is awesome about “The LEGO Movie,” including its surprising twist that makes the entire story exponentially more heartwarming. The film gets a bit meta during its third act, but the revelation that comes with the narrative surprise shows that this movie isn’t the story viewers thought they were watching all along.

Unfortunately, Fox Business seems to have missed the implications of that twist. Instead, it took the movie at face value, and thus got very upset that the LEGO villain in the film is named Lord Business.

In the above news segment (hat tip to /Film), “Varney & Co” host Charles Payne discusses how the Warner Bros. animated movie is essentially leftist propaganda because it had a CEO as a villain. But the argument that “The LEGO Movie” is trying to turn children against business completely misses all the good messages of the movie. 

Sure, there are some Orwellian elements of Lord Business’s empire, but at the end of the day, that’s not what his journey is about. Besides, don’t you defeat villains, not redeem them? Hopefully these talking heads rewatch the movie to see all the great messages that their focus on the business angle caused them to miss.

“The LEGO Movie” co-director Phil Lord took to Twitter to address the clip. “this is amazing,” he tweets. “They are actually confusing one another.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz