avatar musical Fox movies headed to Broadway: 'X Men,' 'Avatar' to become musicals?

Expect to see some major 20th Century Fox titles head to Broadway over the next few years. The folks over at the movie studio have teamed forces with a trio of Great White Way vets to develop at least nine musicals based on Fox films over the next four years. The ultimate goal is to then turn those musicals into new feature films as well.

“For years we have been eager to expand our entertainment expertise to the world of live stage, but we wanted to do it right and most importantly, with the right people,” 20th Century Fox Chairman and chief executive Jim Gianopulos says in a statement to The Los Angeles Times. “We have been fortunate to have found great partners in Kevin, John and Tom to help to transform great Fox properties into exciting live stage entertainment for audiences everywhere.”

Tony-winning producer Kevin McCollum adds, “The early development phase is both an exciting and vulnerable time in the life of a musical. This new joint venture provides a much needed foundation to the creative process for myself, my partners, and the artists who will develop these shows. We are eager to get to work mining the stage theatrical possibilities of the Fox film library.”

According to the LA Times, that means that we could be seeing “X-Men,” “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” or “Avatar” musicals heading to Broadway over the next few years, though it doesn’t seem likely. Fox has a massive catalogue of films to choose from, so there’s no guarantee that the films the LA Times referenced in its article will be the ones that get chosen. Still, who wouldn’t want to see an “Avatar” musical, really? Plus, a “X-Men” musical starring Hugh Jackman seems like a match made in heaven.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz