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With “The X-Files” returning to TV, fans are wondering just how much more they can expect from the franchise. In the mind of creator Chris Carter, the possibility are endless. While more episodes of the show are feasible, so is a possible third movie.

In fact, there’s already a script written for a third movie. Speaking at the winter press tour Friday (Jan. 15), Carter admitted that he previously wrote another movie installment of “The X-Files” after going through initial talks with 20th Century Fox about continuing the series on the big screen.

While he didn’t adapt that script into the new event series — his wife advised him against that after reading the script — it’s certainly something he could see bringing to life as a movie in the future.

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Speaking to Zap2it and a handful of other outlets, Carter says, “I think I had some good ideas. I think if there is a third movie, it’s got to be a gigantic movie.”

Going big comes from the reception of the franchise’s second movie, “The X-Files: I Want to Believe.” “We came out and tried to do a very small movie about faith the second time out and it was released in the middle of summer in the middle of tent pole movies,” Carter says. “It was a misstep in that way.”

Instead, should he be able to put together a third film installment, Carter explains, “I think it’s got to be more like the first movie.”

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Of course, there’s also the possibility of another event series to air on FOX, as well.

When asked about revisiting the franchise for another event series, FOX TV Chairman and CEO Gary Newman says, “Absolutely. The biggest impediment to going forward with the ‘X-Files’ was scheduling … Gillian is committed to other projects right now, David’s schedule is always busy, but even the other night at the premiere we were all laughing and joking that we’d love to do this again, so we are on board if schedules can be worked out.”

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That said, for any of this to happen the show is going to need to be a success. After all, who’s going to want to pay for another season of a show — or a movie budget — is the fanbase just isn’t there anymore?

“The X-Files” premieres Sunday, Jan. 24 on FOX.

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