Nothing says this holiday season like “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and Funny or Die supplied its own fan theory a week before the film’s highly anticipated theatrical release. Because so few people know the actual plot of the forthcoming installment, including those who are standing in line at the TCL Chinese Theater already —  Funny or Die bases its holiday special solely on teasers, interviews and Internet rumor.

A multitude of actors including Jason Alexander, Lydia Hearst, Keith David, DJ Qualls and Kate Walsh lend their talents to the rumor-based video clip. Train also contributes with a special musical performance.

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“Ren is a title and we know that now. I’m probably a Skywalker or a Solo according to popular rumor out there in the galaxy,” says Kylo Ren as he pilots alongside BB8.

The hypothesized plot follows BB8 as he rushes through the galaxy to make it home for the holidays — more specifically Droid Day. Think Jonathan Taylor Thomas if he were a cute and tiny robot. The “Star Wars” special is complete with storm troopers, droids and a celestial pub.

Posted by:Mannie Holmes