With Hodor gone, it would seem like there’s a big “Help Wanted” sign hanging in Westeros right now. The show needs some comic relief, someone who is endearing and able to swing a sword, somebody who will introduce conflict and character development. Now, the Internet seems ready to cast that vacancy with … Martin Lawrence?

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Although there’s a very good chance that it doesn’t currently occupy a place on your DVR, once upon a time Lawrence made a movie called “Black Knight.” The 2001 film cast the “Bad Boys” star as an employee at a “Medieval Times”-like amusement park who gets transported to literal medieval times. It didn’t get particularly good reviews, didn’t make much money at the box office and quickly faded away. But as it turns out a decade-and-a-half later, it is really good for making viral videos.

The best part about the clip might be how the self-seriousness of “Thrones” clashes with the cliches of a Hollywood comedy. When Jon Snow takes out a White Walker, we zoom in on Lawrence exclaiming “Oh, Shit!” When Melisandre reveals herself in one of the countless “GoT” nude scenes, a squeaky-voiced Martin Lawrence replies: “You really know how to make a brother feel welcome!”

After watching the clip, you might just find yourself wishing Martin and George RR Martin really would team up — perhaps in exchange, the “Song of Ice and Fire” author could pen the next “Big Momma’s House” sequel.

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