garbage pail kids 'Garbage Pail Kids' movie in developmentWhile most everyone else in the U.S. sprang forward over the weekend, this piece of news accidentally turned its clocks back — to 1987: There’s another “Garbage Pail Kids” movie in development reports Vulture.

You say you missed the first one? Check out the trailer:

The new film based on the gross-out trading card series, which depicted parodies of Cabbage Patch dolls with punny names like Adam Bomb, Half-Nelson and Alice Island, will be directed by PES (New York-based animator Adam Pesapane), who has actually created some cool stop-motion videos like 2009 Sundance winner, “Western Spaghetti”:

No word on a potential plot for the movie, but perhaps with PES’ skills, something as trivial as plot isn’t actually required.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper