golden globes de niro Golden Globes 2011: Robert De Niro thanks you, ladies and germsRobert De Niro received the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes, and let’s just say that his acceptance speech of the lifetime achievement honor went in a different direction than these things usually go.

It was open mic night at the Beverly Hilton as De Niro went for “Meet the Fockers” shtick as opposed to “Goodfellas” gravitas in accepting the award, repeatedly biting the hand of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association members who gave him the award and riffing on the fact that most of the people in the room hadn’t seen a number of his films. Some of the, uh, highlights that came after a not-very-successful intro by Matt Damon clip package that included, sure, “Mean Streets” and “Raging Bull” and “Taxi Driver” but also “The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle”:

“I was very, very moved and gratified when you made the announcement [of the DeMille Award] two months ago, before you had a chance to review ‘Little Fockers.'”

“It’s OK; we all have our jobs to do. And the important thing is we’re all in this together — the filmmakers who make the movies, and the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press who in turn pose for pictures with the movie stars.”

“More Hollywood Foreign Press members would have been here, but they were deported just before the show. Along with most of the waiters. [Groan from the audience] And Javier Bardem. And I hope you all have your papers in order, because Homeland Security will be checking them right after they finish full-body scans of Megan Fox.”

It was, uh, an interesting couple of minutes. He did everything but tell the audience to tip their waiters.

What did you think of De Niro’s speech?

Posted by:Rick Porter