jessica chastain golden globes 2013 red carpet zero dark thirty gi Golden Globes 2013 red carpet: Jessica Chastain talks 'Zero Dark Thirty' controversy“Zero Dark Thirty” topped the box office this weekend but Golden Globe (and Oscar) nominated star Jessica Chastain still faced questions about the controversy surrounding the movie on the Globes’ red carpet.

NBC host Matt Lauer asked Chastain if she thought the controversy helped the movie at the box office. “I don’t know,” she responded. “Perhaps because everyone’s talking about it, they want to be involved in the conversation and make up their own minds.”

Chastain continued that she’s just happy to shine a light on American heroes who aren’t able to be widely celebrated due to the nature of their work. “It really shows a lot of the unsung heroes,” Chastain said.

“My character, Maya, it was over a decade she was on this [search for Osama bin Laden]. She sacrificed so much and because she’s undercover in the CIA she doesn’t get credit for what she did.”

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