Harrison Ford.jpgUPDATE (Feb. 6, 8:11 p.m.): Producer Andrew Kosove is denying that Harrison Ford is in talks for the new “Blade Runner” film.

 He tells Deadline “It is absolutely patently false that there has been any discussion about Harrison Ford being in ‘Blade Runner.’ To be clear, what we are trying to do with ridley now
is go through the painstaking process of trying to break the back of the
story, figure out the direction we’re going to take the movie and find a
writer to work on it. The casting of the movie could not be further
from our minds at this moment.”

He continues, “It’s like asking if we’re going to make the
sky red or blue, there has been no discussion about it. What
Ridley does in ‘Prometheus’ a good template for what we’re
trying to do. He created something that has some association to the
original Alien, but lives on its own as a standalone movie.” Asked point
blank if Ford could resurface, Kosove said: “In advance of knowing what
we’re going to do, I supposed you could say yes, he could. But I think
it is quite unlikely.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Could we see Harrison Ford in the new “Blade Runner” film? Back in March of 2011, we learned that Ridley Scott would be booting up a new “Blade Runner” film. Fans of the classic film were over the moon. Okay, most of them were. The assumption is that Scott will take on the film after the highly anticipated “Prometheus,” but nothing is certain.

The first question on everyone’s mind back then was whether or not Harrison Ford, star of the original film would be back in some capacity. In August, producer Andrew Kosove told the LA Times, “In no way do I speak for Ridley Scott, but if you’re asking me will this movie have anything to do with Harrison Ford, the answer is no. This is a total reinvention and in my mind that means doing everything fresh, including casting.”

According to Twitch, that might not be the case. They’re reporting that Harrison Ford has entered into early talks to join the new film. Apparently this is in very early stages, it might imply a sequel. We’re dying to know how you feel about this news. Let us know below.

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