Perhaps Harrison Ford is an “Inside Out” fan — because as a fun “Star Wars” video shows, his goofball island is fully intact.

While promoting the charity Force For Change, the veteran actor surprises fans of the franchise by popping up behind the hosts who’ve called various supporters via teleconference. Making faces, cracking jokes — even holding up a mask of his ’70s-era face — he has a lot of fun for a good cause.

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“Is that a picture of your boyfriend?” Ford asks one female fan when he notices a framed Chewbacca photo next to her. “Lady, you can do so much better!”

When another is asked by the video’s hosts who her favorite Star Wars character is, she replies: “I’d have to go with Padme.” Ford then appears behind them, mocking outrage. “Who’s your favorite character?!”

The video is promoting a contest that will allow two grand prize winners to meet the cast of what might be the most eagerly-anticipated movie of all time at the “Force Awakens” premiere.

“I’ll arrange to have a special introduction to the hairy guy for you,” Ford teases the Chewbacca fan.

The people on the call are various donors who’ve previously supported Force For Change, which was founded by George Lucas to urge fans of the franchise to make a positive impact on those around them.

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