It’s hard to imagine any voice other than Mike Myers’ voice coming out of the green ogre that is “Shrek,” but now fans can hear what the iconic role would have sounded like if the late comedian Chris Farley had played him.

In the recently leaked footage, a Farley-voiced Shrek — who looks slightly different than the final version — can be heard interacting with Eddie Murphy’s donkey along with moving storyboards of the action.

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Farley recorded almost all of the dialogue prior to his death from a drug overdose in 1997, but after he passed away, the role was recast with Myers. The actor in turn put his own spin on the character as the updated animation reflects.

The “Shrek” franchise has been wildly successful, with four feature-length films, a theme park ride and endless amounts of merchandise from Dreamworks Pictures Animation.

“I Am Chris Farley,” the documentary about the comedian’s life, premieres Monday, Aug. 10 on Spike TV.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins