In case you aren’t impressed enough with Disney’s history of legendary animated movies, this should be enough to convince you. The House of Mouse has unearthed some very rare footage from the Disney Vault, showing the immense work that went into created the studio’s 1997 classic “Hercules.”

In the video, which puts a clip of the movie’s “Zero to Hero” song sequence side-by-side with storyboard animations and live action performances, the film comes to life in an entirely new way. Who knew live action actresses were used in creating the singers and dancers in the film?

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Seeing the lengths Disney goes to when creating their animated films is impressive and gives viewers an entirely new perspective on what they see on the big screen. It also sheds light on some interesting changes that were made between the storyboard phase and the final product.

Who wouldn’t have loved to see the arena holding up signs to create a picture of Hercules, as shown at 1:39 in the video?

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Given that this footage was released to coincide with the 19th anniversary of “Hercules,” you have to hope this isn’t the last of the behind-the-scenes footage the studio will release from their films.

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