Previously Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Cinderella was demolished by Whitney Avalon’s Belle in a princess rap battle. Now Avalon is back with an epic showdown between iconic female characters from two popular book/film series — “Harry Potter’s” Hermione Granger vs. “The Hunger Games” Katniss Everdeen — and she’s enlisted “Castle” star Molly C. Quinn to help.

Katniss (Avalon) goes right for the big hits — not only is she a “hero” while Hermione (Quinn) is just a “sidekick,” but she calls Hermione’s future husband Ron Weasley a “ginger fail.” Oooooh, burn.

But Hermione gives as good as she gets, calling Katniss a “propaganda prostitute” with a “Girl Scout salute.”

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Avalon and her writing/producing partner Steve Gossett did tremendous research on these characters and their worlds before writing the project.”We couldn’t do these characters justice if we weren’t willing to do the research,” says Gossett, “so we read all 10 books and watched all 11 films.”

There’s also a surprise twist ending. “I thought it was especially important to show that there’s actually camaraderie between them, that it’s a clever game of words and they’re not actually enemies,” says Avalon.

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