dieter-laser-human-centiped.JPG2013 will see the conclusion of a cult horror franchise with “Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence).”  EW is reporting that writer-director Tom Six will appear in a supporting role and that Dieter Laser and Laurence R. Harvey, — the twisted leads from the first two films — are also on board.

The film will conclude (and undoubtedly exceed) the original premise of an insane doctor (Laser) who decides to make his own pet by surgically attaching three unwilling tourists snout to tail.
“I knew I wanted to make three films, and I wanted to start with the psychological horror because I wanted the audience to first get used to that sick idea. I knew in Part 2, I’d go full force and show everything — and that’s what people wanted, also,” Six said in an interview with The Playlist last year. “But each film is very different, and the third film is a very different film, again, and there I will use my final ideas.”

We anticipate that in addition to many, many more victims the Finale Sequence will have a Southern Gothic vibe as filming will take place in the southern United States this May and June. But it’s still designed to fit in with Parts 1 and 2 which took place in Germany and London, respectively.

“The thing is that like Part 2 started with the end of Part 1, Part 3 will start with the ending of Part 2, and I did that because in the end, all of the films can literally be connected, like a centipede. So you have one four-and-a-half hour film, and I love that idea, even though all of the films are so different.”

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