Cast of "The Hunger Games"

Even though the film adaptations of the “Hunger Games” book series came to an end with “Mockingjay Part 2” in November 2015, a Lionsgate executive promises that, at least for the studio, the series is far from over. Michael Burns told the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference (via The Hollywood Reporter) that the series would “live on and on and on.”

The studio has already made their plans to eventually transform the series into an amusement park by 2019, but that’s not their only plans for the franchise, at least according to Burns. In his mind the next move for “The Hunger Games” should be prequels.

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“The one thing that kids say they missed (from the early Hunger Games films) was there was no arenas,” says Burns of Mockingjay,” “If we went backwards there obviously would be arenas.” Unfortunately, that also means that there would be none of the familiar characters — or stars like Jennifer Lawrence — to hold up the potential new films.

But since “The Hunger Games” series takes place over the course of the 74th and 75th annual competitions, that gives almost of a century of material to pull from, though it will be hard to beat the climactic story of how Katniss Everdeen dismantled the entire political system.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins