indiana jones harrison ford Producers not doing the Bond thing with Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford is about to reclaim some cinematic glory as he returns to the big-screen as Han Solo in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” this December. Reprising the famous role has once again got the rumor mill churning regarding that long gestating “Indiana Jones” sequel.

While the concept of a fifth installment to the franchise may be a polarizing topic for even the most die-hard fans — as is the idea of Chris Pratt filling the archaeologist’s shoes — word has came down the pipeline that the famous character will definitely not be recast going forward.

In an interview with Total Film (via Den of Geek), producer extraordinaire Frank Marshall says, “There are a lot of rumors. We haven’t even sat down to talk about Indy yet … at some point we’ll sit down. But there’s a bunch of people who could probably take the baton.”

This statement makes it sound like Marshall — who has produced every installment of the film series — is open to recasting Ford in the lead role, rest assured that he isn’t, as they are “not doing the Bond thing where we’re going to call somebody else Indiana Jones.”

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This is an intriguing notion, to be sure, as there may be an “Indiana Jones” movie in our future that does not follow the story of, well, Indiana Jones. Still, Marshall made it clear that solid conversations about the project haven’t even really happened yet. It’s worth noting, however, that during his promo tour to “Bridge of Spies,” Stephen Spielberg said he would “probably” helm the fifth movie with Harrison Ford attached.

Aside from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Ford is also set to revisit another favorite role from the ’80s in that long-awaited “Blade Runner” sequel. It sounds like the actor’s schedule is pretty tied up for a while, and honestly, he isn’t getting any younger,  so here’s hoping we’ll see “Indiana Jones 5” come to fruition sooner than later.

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