“You know, it’s moments like these when I realize what a super hero I am!”

With these appropriately non-humble words, the newest teaser trailer for Marvel’s “Iron Man 3” begins. The video, which debuted during the 2013 Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon, features a lot of footage from the film, as well as a fun and cocky Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.).

This is in stark (pun intended) contrast to many of the other ads released for “Iron Man 3.” The other trailers mostly emphasize the dark crisis of conscience that Stark has been experiencing. Insomnia, self-doubt and love for Pepper Potts (Gwyneth Paltrow) are features in those trailers.

With the newest “Iron Man 3” trailer, however, we get a bit of the fun that is necessary in any “Iron Man” film. Stark jumps around wildly while putting on his superhero costume. Pepper mocks her boyfriend’s sizeable ego. Our hero talks seriously about “fighting bad guys.” A whole bunch of “Iron Man” suits fly through the sky (presumably only one of them with Stark inside). To echo one of the last lines heard in the promo, “That’s awesome.”

What this trailer entirely neglects is the antagonist for the newest film, a terrorist type who seems to be named “The Mandarin.” Also, we don’t see any of Stark’s dark moments or near-defeats. But that’s okay. The fun and heroic side of the character is what keeps us all coming back for more.

“Iron Man 3” premieres on May 3, 2013.

Posted by:Laurel Brown