the-purge-attacks-tea-party-NRA-christians.jpgNew thriller “The Purge” opens Friday (June 7), spinning a scary tale of the United States roughly a decade into the future where corporations run America and the country is fraught with crime.

The premise is every year the government has a 12-hour period called the purge, where any and all crime is legal. No emergency services will respond to any criminal activity. The only rules are that high-ranking government officials are safe from harm and weapons like bombs are not allowed.

Ethan Hawke stars as the head of a family that must ward off a home invasion from would-be criminals. The movie is receiving middling reviews, with many critics saying the message about Americans’ obsession with violence to be clumsy and crude.

But one critic thinks the message is loud and clear — an attack on the Tea Party and National Rifle Association.

“Director James DeMonaco makes it clear the movie is a direct attack on the NRA, an organization filled with millions of law-abiding gun owners. The loony left’s reflexive hatred of the 2nd Amendment is founded in the concept that people who don’t break the law are somehow evil for exercising the Constitutional rights,” Dan Gainor, vice president of Business and Culture at the Media Research Institute tells Fox News. “‘The Purge’ is also an obvious attack on the Tea Party and Christians.”

Gainor continues, “Once again Hollywood tries to make money from Americans by bashing
America. The entertainment industry loves trying to depict the U.S. as
the bad guy. Movies used to show the good things about our nation, now
Hollywood execs clearly avoid that whenever possible.”

almost funny that a schlock movie filled with violence is used to
criticize Americans for being violent,” Gainor concludes.

DeMonaco has said that his view of the United States government in 2022 is based on “some kind of NRA-thing that took over the country” and adds that when he watched the news in other countries, it was like ‘the purge’ was happening every night in the U.S., because those countries had nothing to report on but what was happening in America.

What do you think, moviegoers? Will you be going to see “The Purge” this weekend?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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