Without a doubt, it has happened to us all so many times: You’re watching a prime time reality dating show, somebody gets dumped, and the thought crosses your mind: “I wonder what the director of a Marvel summer blockbuster thinks of this?”

On Tuesday (Aug. 16), that unlikely itch seems to have finally been scratched, as “Guardians of the Galaxy” filmmaker James Gunn made an appearance on “After Paradise,” the “Bachelor in Paradise” talk show that breathlessly analyzes each episode’s latest developments.

It was perhaps the most random auteur TV appearance since that time Quentin Tarantino went on Tyra Banks’ talk show to judge women’s feet, and channel surfers may have found themselves asking why Gunn was taking precious time away from the “GoTG 2” editing room to comment on Ashley Iaconetti’s latest crying fit.

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Sitting next to twins Emily and Haley Ferguson on the couch, the director of “Slither” and “Super” proved that he has an extensive knowledge of all things “Bachelor” — and he didn’t pull any punches. “[She’s a] complete and total psycho,” Gunn said at one point of the emotional Iaconetti.

Commenting on the object of Ashley’s affection, Gunn called Jared Haibon a “wuss,” insisting that he enjoys it when someone who resembles the “heart emoji is following him around.” Later on Twitter, he apologized, saying “I honestly hope I didn’t come off too harsh. We all make mistakes. [Jared] seems like a nice guy.”

Calling his appearance with the Ferguson sisters “Like meeting the Beatles for me,” it’s clear that Gunn is a massive Bachelor Nation superfan. With that in mind, here are a few other hot takes he had on various show personalities:

Daniel Maguire: “He was created in a lab,” Gunn said of the Canadian beefcake.
Izzy Goodkind and Vinny Ventiera: Gunn said they are “boring,” but added “They’re no Ashley.”
Lace Morris: “A trainwreck.”
Josh Murray: “I’ve been working in Hollywood for 20 years, and I’m very good at judging a sociopath.”

Gunn is close friends with “Bachelor” producer Elan Gale, and previously appeared on the first season of the show alongside host Jenny Mollen’s husband, Jason Biggs. So, can we look forward to a Rocket Raccoon cameo in an upcoming “Bachelor” episode? Undoubtedly, some fans would approve, as long as it contained Iaconetti and Rocket’s oversized space gun.

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