wanderlust Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd on 'Wanderlust' and the reality of HobbitsThe new Jennifer Aniston/Paul Rudd comedy “Wanderlust” opens in theaters this Friday (Feb. 24). In the film, they play a world weary couple who lose everything. While heading to stay with family, they end up on a commune and decide to stay.

Well, you know what happens on a commune. Yoga, vegan food and free love. The film had us rolling on the floor, laughing and we can’t wait to see it again. We got a chance to chat with Aniston and Rudd about “Wanderlust,” what it would be like to live on a commune and where they’d go if they wanted to escape their lives.

When Rudd talks about New Zealand and we bring up Hobbit holes, the interview takes a turn. Check out Aniston messing with him about the reality of the furry-footed guys. This is exactly why we love her.

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