jennifer aniston stripper were the millers Jennifer Aniston talks stripper diet for 'We're the Millers'

Jennifer Anston is in pretty good shape pretty much every day of her life, but her role in “We’re the Millers” called for a little something extra. After all, she’s playing a stripper.
To prepare for the role, and the inevitable stripping scenes, Aniston stuck to a very strict diet. “I did eat that day,” she tells “Access Hollywood,” “I was on a very like, you know, greens and vegetables and lean proteins and kale.”
That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a little wiggle room if she wanted to splurge, though. “When I really wanted to have a cheat day. I had to have a kale chip,” she admits. Not quite the cheat day most people would look forward to.
Even though she was toned and ready for the scenes, Aniston made sure there was no danger of the audience seeing a little too much of her skin. “I had no taping. I really just doubled my bras. I had a thong and then two pairs of underwear,” she says.

Added layers or not, Aniston looks fantastic in the role. “We’re the Millers” opens August 7.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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