In Monday's (Nov. 16) episode of "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Daniel Craig made a guest appearance to show the world what it would look like if James Bond ordered anything but his signature cocktail of a martini ... shaken, not stirred.

Kimmel acted as the bartender in this segment, presented as unused outtakes from the 24th Bond movie "Spectre," and things start innocently enough when 007 orders a "Cosmo with mandarin orange vodka and a splash of sugar-free cranberry juice." While completely uncharacteristic of the iconic spy, the scene proceeds to get much much weirder.

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After "Cut!," is yelled, the two present the scene multiple times where Bond orders everything from a "strawberry daquiri served in half a coconut with a scoop of lemon sorbet and three umbrellas" to something called an "alligator h***job" which, according to Craig is "two parts orange Gatorade and one part P Diddy's coconut vodka with a spritz of Coppertone Moisture Mist bronzing spray."

Once Kimmel says it's last call, the scene takes a serious turn as Craig orders that familiar cocktail the spy has been known to ingest for the past five decades. But while he orders the familiar vodka martini -- shaken, not stirred -- he requests it be poured down his trousers only to collect in his socks for Kimmel to wring into a sippy cup and enjoy.

If anything can be learned here, it's that James Bond is one very detail oriented individual.

Posted by:Aaron Pruner

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