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For an entire generation, JK Rowling reinvented the way people look at literature. Now, her days of “Harry Potter” madness are mostly behind her, but the author is similarly re-tooling the way that content creators speak with their fans.

Following up on recent episodes involving troll poems, the mispronounciation of her character names and shooting down fan rumors, Rowling is playing off her rugby enthusiasm to reveal formerly top-secret details about the residents of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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First, the author posted a message saying “Off to Newcastle for #SAMvSCO and if lots of you tweet #AsONe to support Scotland, you can have Sirius’s birthday! #RugbyWorld Cup.”

Translation for Americans who have no idea what’s she’s talking about: There was some kind of huge sporting event going on in the sport of rugby, between teams from Scotland and Samoa. Rowling was rooting for Scotland, where she currently resides.

Well, sure enough, Scotland won! And keeping up her end of the bargain, Rowling revealed the birthday of Sirius Black aka Padfoot aka Snuffles. And Harry Potter’s conflicted godfather, played beautifully by Gary Oldman in the movies, blows out his candles on November 3.

So, for those keeping track at home, you have 24 shopping days left to get Sirius a gift. Might we suggest a nice cake with a file baked inside, in case he gets locked up in Azkaban again?

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