john cusack vanessa hudgens frozen ground lionsgate John Cusack and Vanessa Hudgens in 'Frozen Ground' trailer: Serial killer vs. prostitute

John Cusack plays a serial killer who targets teen prostitutes in Lionsgate’s forthcoming “The Frozen Ground.” Based on true events, Cusack portrays Robert Hansen, who captures young women before releasing them into the wilderness to be hunted like prey. Nicolas Cage is an Alaska state trooper bent on catching Cusack’s socioopath, and Vanessa Hudgens is the one victim that got away … or did she?
In the official trailer, Hudgens’ character sets out to help authorities nab her captor, but she appears to go missing again after tearfully telling Cage, “He brought me to his place. He called it a den … it was more of a dungeon.”
When The Guardian asked Cusack if his recent trend of playing homicidal characters is soon coming to a close, he responds, “Well, I didn’t really choose it … It sort of chooses you. That’s the way it goes.” In trying to channel a real-life sociopath for his “Frozen Ground” role, Cusack says, “I came to the terrible conclusion, after going around in circles, that he was having a good time.” Creepy.
It’s certainly a different kind of role for Hudgens as well. The former Disney star can be seen working a stripper pole in the trailer below.
“The Frozen Ground” is in theaters Aug. 23.

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