This isn’t the first time there have been promises (threats?) to reignite the “Jurassic Park” franchise, but apparently Steven Spielberg is brainstorming ways to finally add a fourth installment to the dinosaur drama.

THR reports that Spielberg, once again in bed with CGI dinos this fall on FOX’s “Terra Nova,” has approached screenwriter Mark Protosevich to discuss possible storylines for “JP4.”

A previous attempt at the film was made in 2007, with the rumored plot focusing on government owned dinosaurs that carry weapons into battle. (How did that not get made?)

Universal and team Spielberg maintain that all talk of more “Jurassic Park” is just for fun, at the moment, but if there’s an interest to bring back the dinosaurs, we can’t imagine it will be that difficult to find an excuse.

If they do go ahead with “Jurassic Park IV,” would you want to see some of the original cast return — or should they start fresh?

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell