hypable logo square4 Just leave the theater: Batman v Supermans post credits scene is a waste of timeAnyone who sticks around for “Batman v Superman’s” post-credits scene will walk out of the theater upset that they wasted their time waiting to see it.

That’s because “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” has no after-credits scene. Yep, sorry! The information has been confirmed by multiple people who’ve seen the “Justice League” kick-starter this week at fan screenings:

Many fans probably were expecting “Batman v Superman” starring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Gal Gadot to have a scene after the credits rolled, because this is what we’ve grown accustomed to when we watch superhero movies in the theater. Of course, this little treat tends to only appear with Marvel movies (most recently Ryan Reynolds’ “Deadpool”). But doesn’t DC/WB want to play on the same level as Marvel? We all obsess over the after-credit scenes. They’re an important aspect of the superhero moviegoing experience!

WB’s “Man of Steel,” the prequel-of-sorts to “Dawn of Justice” released in 2013, did not include a post-credits scene either. Neither did the movies in Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy.

Post-credit scenes are usually fun treats to look forward to. Then again, waiting for a little scene long after a lengthy credits sequence can test the patience of moviegoers who just want to leave the theater after sitting there for two and a half hours (“Batman v Superman’s” running time is 2 hours, 33 minutes). Personally speaking, I strongly dislike hanging through the credits just to watch an extra scene.

Can studios meet me in the middle and put them in between the credits? They do this occasionally, but not often enough.

An after-credits scene for “Batman v Superman” would’ve been nice to have, considering this movie is kicking off a series of “Justice League” films that will be released now through 2020 (and beyond). The scene could’ve featured a “surprise” appearance from any of the Justice League characters who are expected to appear in “Dawn of Justice” like Flash or Aquaman. Or, heck, they could’ve included a character from “Suicide Squad,” which hits theaters in August.

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Posted by:Andrew Sims, Hypable