justin bieber believe movie clip paparazzi fight gi Justin Bieber beats up paparazzi in 'Believe' movie sequence

Director Jon Chu (“G.I. Joe: Retaliation,” “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never”) is busy putting together Justin Bieber‘s next concert film, “Believe.” 
The Los Angeles Times’ music blog paid Chu a visit in the editing bay and reports back on a scene that sounds a lot like art imitating life. In a staged sequence, Bieber races through a warehouse beating up paparazzi who try to snap his photo. Pop & Hiss describes it thusly:
“While his song ‘She Don’t Like the Lights’ (from the deluxe edition of Bieber’s smash 2012 album ‘Believe’) plays in the background, the singer is shown handing out beat-downs, dispatching the paps with acrobatic kicks to the head.”
Chu explains where the concept originated, which surprisingly has little or nothing to do with Bieber’s recent string of paparazzi attacks. “The song itself is about someone who he’s dating who doesn’t like the lights,” Chu says. “We thought it’d be fun to have a secret service team — a special-ops unit — going after him with cameras.”
Though the original plan for the film was to chronicle the Biebs’ recent “Believe Tour,” Chu describes the staged sequences as a natural evolution. “It started as just a concert movie but we’ve got so many other things now,” he says. “We have footage of him writing the first song for his next album on a piece of paper with a pencil. Blank page, erasing, writing. That’s where it starts.”
In January, Bieber caused a ruckus in Miami when he left more than 1,000 young fans waiting all day for a meet-and-greet that was arranged for the purposes of filming for “Believe.” The Biebs never showed up to the autograph session and took the stage hours late for the concert portion of the night. 
Chu differentiates the forthcoming “Believe” from 2011’s “Never Say Never” by explaining, “It’s almost about a boy becoming an artist rather than a boy’s life. Because his artistry is his life now.”
The film does not yet have a distributor, and Chu says he owns the footage along with Bieber and his manager, Scooter Braun. “We’re cutting it and we’re going to see who wants it,” says Chu. “Maybe it’s a pay-per-view or maybe direct to DVD.”
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