kat dennings thor 2 2 broke girls Kat Dennings talks 'Thor 2' role, 'Agents of SHIELD' and '2 Broke Girls' fame

When “Avengers” fans walk into the theater to see “Thor: The Dark World,” one of the many pleasant surprises they’ll find is how big a role Kat Dennings’ Darcy plays in the movie. She’s no longer simply Jane Foster’s (Natalie Portman) intern, but is developing an interest in science and evolving beyond being just comedy relief.
Luckily, the comedy from Dennings is still there, but now she’s got her own intern and is able to get in on a lot of the movie’s action. There might also be a little love in the air for Darcy, though her first priority is still getting Jane’s life moving forward, preferably with Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in the picture.
Zap2it spoke with Dennings about her growing role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, along with any possibility of appearing on “Agents of SHIELD” and how things have changed with the hit TV show “2 Broke Girls” putting her on TV every week.

Zap2it: It’s exciting to see Darcy’s role getting expanded in the new movie. How important was it for you to see that?
Kat Dennings: I was just delighted and excited and amazed. Marvel’s very secretive about their plans so I didn’t even know I was in the movie until a few weeks before my script came, so I had no idea. I didn’t know what my role was or how big it was. I try to keep my expectations pretty low to cover any disappointment, but it was beyond anything I could have ever wanted for Darcy. She’s got her own love interest this time, she’s got her own thing going on. She’s a real sassafras.
It also comes through, even more so in this movie than the first, that she really loves Jane and cares about what happens to her.
She really loves Jane, she’s like her sister. It doesn’t really get explained why Darcy is in London, she must have followed Jane there, and it’s not explained where she got an intern. She must have just picked him up off the street. Basically, she loves Jane and will follow her anywhere and do anything for her. She’s very invested in Thor and Jane and hoping that happens.
She also seems to know quite a bit about SHIELD.
Yeah, that’s an exciting thing that’s also kind of mysterious. We don’t know what Darcy’s relationship with SHIELD is or who she’s talking to. At the end of “Thor,” you see that SHIELD has taken over their lab, so I guess Darcy has some kind of liaison in SHIELD, but it’d be cool to know who that is.
With the characters crossing over between the various movies, and now “Agents of SHIELD,” what are the odds we could see Darcy popping up elsewhere?
I don’t know! Honestly, they are very under wraps with any of their plans. I will always make myself available for any Marvel projects. I mean, they’re the best people to work with and I have so much fun and love Darcy, so whatever they want I would do.
Luckily, Darcy is there throughout the movie to add a bit of comic relief when things are getting intense. Is that who you are off-camera?
Probably not, I tend to be sort of grouchy. I’m usually weirdly sort of serious when I work, because I’m serious about my work. When I’m working with friends like Natalie and Chris though, it’s sort of a non-stop comfortable thing to be around. This movie in particular has a lot of emotional darkness and a lot of heavy things happening, so Darcy is very important is very important to bring a lightness to it.
You mention Natalie and Chris as friends, do you gravitate toward them most, of your fellow cast members?
I got to spend the most time with them and Stellan [Skarsgard], so they were my core group. I’m also close with Jaimie Alexander, as well. She’s a great girl. During the first one, Chris, Jaimie and I were all in the same hotel, so there was a lot of hanging out. I never got to really hang out with anyone in Asgard, unfortunately.
Without giving too much away, is there one Darcy moment in the movie you’re excited for people to see?
Without giving things away, there is a very epic situation in the film where Darcy gets to do things and react to to what’s happening around her, which you’ve never seen from her. What I can talk about is when she reunited with Erik Selvig [Skarsgard]. It’s a very funny scene. All of Selvig’s stuff in this is my favorite thing I’ve ever seen and I think fans of Selvig and the movies will be really happy.
His entrance into the movie was very surprising.
Tell me about it. And the stuff the happens in Stonehenge … Let’s just say there wasn’t anything covering him. He’s Swedish, they don’t care about that stuff.
Now you’ve also got “2 Broke Girls,” which is a pretty huge hit. Previously you were known mostly for movies, but now you’re on TV weekly. Has that popularity led to a big change in how you’re perceived?
Yeah, people are very nice about that and seem to really like the show. Movies are my first love, though. I’d be happy if the show went for seven years, but after that I would continue movies. I think this is good for TV, I think I’ve done my time.
“Thor: The Dark World” opens November 8.
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