Almost exactly a year ago, writer/director Kevin Smith was kicked off a plane for being overweight. He now talks to CNN’s Joy Behar about how that incident spurred him on to lose 65 lbs. “I feel mixed feelings about losing the weight. I sympathize far more with heavier people than with thin.”

“I was on the Southwest plane and at one point they asked me to get off the plane … because I look like I do, they were like ‘Well, fat people should buy two seats, shouldn’t they?'”

“It wasn’t humiliation, but what frustrated me more than anything in the world was I felt like nobody told the real story. The real story was I was a real consumer that a company effed with poorly and without good reason and I spoke about it.”

Always the most self-deprecating, Smith also jokes about wearing circus tents and still looking heavy because he has hit the jackpot in finding a job where he can do his job and still wear whatever he wants.

But well done to Mr. Smith, just out of concern for your health.      

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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