Kim Kardashian has been making the promotional rounds for “Tyler Perry’s Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor,” and of course she’s going to face questions about both her pregnancy with current boyfriend Kanye West and ongoing divorce from ex Kris Humphries.

“It’s not behind me yet,” Kardashian tells “Entertainment Tonight” in the interview above, referring to the not-yet-finalized divorce. “You just have to look forward and move on. I guess everything takes time. I’m just anxious and excited to close that chapter of my life.”

Although “Temptation” is opening this Friday, the film was shot back in late 2011 and production began just days after Kardashian officially filed for divorce from Humphries following a whirlwind 72-day marriage.

“It was very important that she had a place to go and work and let go and forget everything,” Tyler Perry says about Kardashian’s experience making the movie. “I’ve been in that situation before with Janet [Jackson] when Michael [Jackson] died. When people come into work they need this moment to have this catharsis. I don’t think it was any coincidence at all that she’s doing a movie called ‘The Marriage Counselor’ when she’s going through a divorce, and I think that it helped her work her way through it and get to the place where she is now.”

As for how she’s handling her highly publicized pregnancy, Kardashian says she’s still most comfortable wearing high heels (“Flats just are uncomfortable to me. I feel my best when I’m wearing heels.”) and no, she and West haven’t picked out a name yet.

“We have ideas but we haven’t picked out a name,” Kardashian says. “We know we have time. The thought of both of our parents who have passed away, using their names maybe as a middle name or something like that is something we would consider.”

Kardashian also reveals she and West have discussed having the baby in Paris, but adds “We’re still deciding.”

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