kristen stewart robert downey jr forbes top grossing stars 2012 gi Kristen Stewart and Robert Downey Jr. are highest grossing box office stars of 2012We know what the biggest box office hits of 2012 were, but who were the biggest stars?

Not surprisingly, Forbes’ list of highest-grossing stars of 2012 is led by the lead actors from those hits: “The Avengers'” Robert Downey Jr., “Breaking Dawn Part 2’s” Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, “The Dark Knight Rises'” Christian Bale and “Skyfall’s” Daniel Craig.

Forbes’ slightly arbitrary qualification for making the list is being the “lead” performer in a film, hence Downey is singled out from among the “Avengers” ensemble, while the “Twilight” trio somehow all make the cut.

A handful of actors make the race a little more interestings thanks to multiple releases at multiplexes — most notably Stewart who leaped ahead of her co-stars thanks to headlining a second hit movie, summer’s “Snow White and the Huntsman.” (Pity poor “Avengers” and “Huntsman” star Chris Hemsworth, who would’ve trumped Downey under different rules.)

Jennifer Lawrence had a couple of smaller grossing films to add to her “Hunger Games” bounty (namely, the poorly received thriller “House at the End of the Street” and Oscar-bound romantic comedy “Silver Linings Playbook”), while Mark Wahlberg had one very big hit (“Ted”) and one modest success (“Contraband”).

Here’s Forbes’ list of the top 10 box office stars of 2012:

1) Robert Downey Jr. (“The Avengers”) Total grosses: $1.5 billion
2) Kristen Stewart (“Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2”; “Snow White and the Huntsman”) Total grosses: $1.2 billion
3) Christian Bale (“The Dark Knight Rises”) Total grosses: $1 billion
4) Daniel Craig (“Skyfall”) $951 million
5) Robert Pattinson (“Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2”; “Cosmopolis”; “Bel Ami”) Total grosses: $793 million
6) Taylor Lautner (“Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2”) Total grosses: $779 million
7) Andrew Garfield (“The Amazing Spider-Man”) Total grosses: $752 million
8) Jennifer Lawrence (“The Hunger Games; “House at the End of the Street” “Silver Linings Playbook”) Total grosses: $748 million
9) Will Smith (“Men in Black III”) Total grosses: $624 million
10) Mark Wahlberg (“Ted”; “Contraband”) Total grosses: $598 million

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