kristin kreuk henry cavill man of steel beauty and the beast 550 2 cw wb Kristin Kreuk says 'Man of Steel' Lana Lang is different incarnation from 'Smallville' character

Kristin Kreuk is pleased about, and ready for, the imminent return of a certain superhero she knows well. Returning Thursday (April 18) to start the television season’s last new airings of her CW series “Beauty and the Beast,” the former Lana Lang of “Smallville” is looking forward to “Man of Steel.” The Superman reboot — starring Henry Cavill as Krypton’s most famous son — is slated to arrive in theaters Friday, June 14.
“Oh, that ‘little’ movie,” Kreuk muses to Zap2it. “I saw the minimalist trailer that they did, and it looks beautiful. I loved what was being said; I saw the one with the Kevin Costner voice-over, and it was all about the character’s development as a person.
“I think ‘Superman’ is a beautiful story. Of all the superheroes I know about, because I do not claim to be an expert in that realm, he really represents morality and goodness and true humanity in the best of ways. I think the movie could be great.”
“Man of Steel” introduces a new Lana Lang in Jadin Gould, who guest-starred on NBC’s now-finished “Chuck,” as did Kreuk. Their paths didn’t cross on that show, but Kreuk has no concerns about another Lana entering pop culture — particularly since she notes she worked on “Smallville” with a previous one, “that wonderful woman” Annette O’Toole.

“Every incarnation is different,” reasons Kreuk. “This isn’t the Lana Lang of ‘Smallville,’ it’s another one. Even when I take on a role, I’m not comparing it to others. It’s a different character, a different project, a different version.”
Posted by:Jay Bobbin