Ever since its very first images of a masked man in a black cape and a woman with cinnamon buns for hair, part of the fun of “Star Wars” is that it’s just as easy to take the mythology seriously as it is to laugh about it. Which is why, decades later, things that never could have been imagined in 1977 — memes, viral videos, GIFs — are dominated by the franchise.

If you’ve been busy for the last couple days, you may not have noticed the latest sensations inspired by the galaxy far, far away. Keep it cool like Calrissian — below is a breakdown that will bring you current on all the latest Star Wars silliness.

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Laughing Chewbacca

When a woman named Candace Payne uploaded this video to her Facebook page, she probably thought she’d get a few “likes” from friends. Instead, barely 24 hours after it was posted, the clip has been viewed over 60 million times.

“This is part of my birthday joy,” she shrieks as she put on the roaring mask and can’t stop laughing. “That’s not me making the noise — that’s the mask!” Something tells us Candace will always remember the birthday where she set the Internet on a Wookiee rampage of roaring laughter.

R2-D2 Doors

Whether or not you knew it was in the deep recesses of your brain, when you hear the words “R2-D2 scream” there’s a certain high-pitched shriek that is immediately served up. It isn’t a noise you hear very often outside the context of a Star Wars film — which is why it’s so funny that a couple guys seem to have discovered the greatest automatic sliding doors ever in a hotel lobby.

We’re not sure exactly where this hotel is, but if it’s located anywhere near some sort of Con, it must sell out really fast.

Singing Luke

We all know by now that Luke’s arm is robotic. But if this clip doesn’t make you laugh yourself silly, maybe you’re the one who isn’t human. Daisy Ridley is apparently a big fan — and possibly, a little freaked out.

Indiana Solo

What’s better than a Harrison Ford-fueled meme that crosses Han Solo with Indiana Jones? Unless you have an idea that somehow gets Rick Deckard into the mix, nothing.

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