When it comes to Star Wars, every little thing is cause for massive speculation. So, when something happens that is legitimately big — for instance, the title of the next movie — the Internet goes understandably bonkers.

Which is the case following the Friday (May 20) leaking of a video from London’s upcoming Star Wars Celebration. Although the sequel to the massively-successful “The Force Awakens” is currently in production and not due in theaters until December of next year, the clip appears to show a motion-poster with the title: “Star Wars: Fall of the Resistance.”

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Is it real? The title would certainly make sense in the Star Wars universe, being both four words (“Return of the Jedi,” “Attack of the Clones”) and making it sound like things were going to go poorly for the good guys in the second film of a trilogy (a la “Empire Strikes Back”). On the other hand, the footage seems to have many people talking nearby — did none of them also realize the significance of what they were looking at? Where are their videos?

Naturally, Lucasfilm and Disney aren’t confirming or denying. But over at Reddit, where the video was first posted, commenters seem to believe that in July fans in attendance will hear that “Fall of the Resistance” is indeed the title for the eighth movie in the franchise.

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