leonardo dicaprio entourage movie Leonardo DiCaprio considering 'Entourage' movie role

Leonardo DiCaprio might be joining the cast of the “Entourage” movie. With the cast all on board, rumor has it the “Titanic” star is being courted for a part.

“Leonardo DiCaprio is somebody who shied away from the TV series but always kept a door open to appearing in a film version, because of his very longstanding relationships with Kevin Connelly and Mark Wahlberg,” a source tells Radar Online. “They’re going after him for this, in a big way,” and “not just for a pop-in cameo, either. They want the biggest guest stars to have some real screen time, just like on the TV show.”

Considering DiCaprio is planning a break from moviemaking after completing the upcoming “The Wolf of Wall Street,” he might not be open to taking another role, albeit a small one. Then again, the “Entourage” movie is (likely) a once in a lifetime experience, and DiCaprio’s last chance to be a part of the project if he ever really wanted to to begin with.

The apparent goal is to have January be the start date for filming on the project. Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven and Jerry Ferrara are all back on board for the reunion flick.

Would you like to see DiCaprio have a role in the “Entourage” movie?

Posted by:Terri Schwartz