When director Gore Verbinski makes a movie, he’s not playing around. A look at his three entries into the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise are perfect examples of how big he likes to go.
Maybe no one told “The Lone Ranger” star Armie Hammer that when he signed on for the movie, but he sure learned it while on the set. In a behind-the-scenes featurette from the movie, Hammer is shown standing atop something called the “spirit platform.”
This piece of the movie has been seen in trailer, featuring the Lone Ranger standing atop a rickety wooden structure, next to the edge of a canyon. It turns out there wasn’t quite as much CGI involved in that as one would expect, and Hammer actually had to climb the wooden monstrosity, perched next to a 2,000 foot drop.
In the video, he talks about the helicopter swooping down around him, trying to get the perfect angles for the movie and it really seems pretty dangerous. Luckily, Hammer came out of the shoot just fine, even though Johnny Depp almost died.

“The Lone Ranger” is in theaters July 3.
Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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