lone survivor mark wahlberg 'Lone Survivor's' Mark Wahlberg: Acting 'doesn't measure up to what those guys do'The cast of “Lone Survivor,” the story of SEAL Team 10’s failed mission that left four SEALs surrounded by over a hundred Taliban fighters, was on “Today” Tuesday (Dec. 3), where the stars talked about the experience of stepping into the shoes of such brave men.

“These guys are a special breed of people. Early on in the process, I was trying to figure out what’s my character Danny Dietz, what’s he like? … His father, Dan, read me Danny’s autopsy report about the wounds he suffered. The report, the hits over and over, different parts of his body. And he goes, ‘Danny kept on fighting to the very end, after he already had these wounds. He kept on fighting.’ That’s the kind of person that all these guys were,” says Emile Hirsch.

Taylor Kitsch, who plays Lt. Michael Murphy in the film, adds, “It’s rare to be a part of something that’s bigger than all of us. From Day 1, we’re up in the mountains training with the SEALS. … That’s what helped so much.”

Mark Wahlberg, who is title character Marcus Luttrell, brings up an interesting perspective — how as an actor, you relish getting meaty roles, until you realize this actually happened to real people.

“As an actor, you think, ‘Oh, great, I get to play this guy who went through this horrific experience, what a great opportunity as an actor.’ That’s your first selfish thought,” says Wahlberg. “Then you realize, ‘Oh my god, this is real’ and then it doesn’t become about you anymore. Every time I’ve seen the movie … every time I go to talk about the movie, all I can think about is what [Marcus] and those guys experienced.”

Matt Lauer also asks Wahlberg about his recent choice words for another Hollywood actor who compared filming a movie like going to war.

“It’s nothing like what these guys do. It’s real life stuff. We have the luxury of going home, having a shower, having a meal … it doesn’t measure up to what those guys do,” says Wahlberg.

“Lone Survivor” is opening in limited release on Dec. 27, then it opens nationwide on Jan. 10, 2014.

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