Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel fans have something else to talk about besides how amazing “Captain America: Civil War” is and how many times they’ve seen it in theaters already.

The upcoming “Black Panther” movie has its eyes on a new leading lady, and their frontrunner is apparently Lupita Nyong’o.

The Academy Award winning actress broke onto the scene in “12 Years a Slave,” and lately she’s been blowing up Broadway, where she’s now snagged a Tony nomination for her part in “Eclipsed.” Of course, there’s also that little thing called “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

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While Nyong’o is still in talk to star opposite main character T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), there is no news on which character she will possibly be playing. Zap2it has a few ideas about which comic book character she could be bringing to life though.


The most popular theory so far is that Nyong’o will be rebooting the “X-Men” character of Storm, previously played by Halle Berry. Storm is a prominent love interest of The Black Panther in the original comics, and an instantly recognizable character to Marvel fans. If they can work out the rights to this character with the “X-Men” franchise, it’s a good bet that Nyong’o will be stirring up some lightning in this new film.

Princess Shuri

While most are reporting that Nyong’o will be playing a love interest for the Black Panther, nothing about her potential character has been confirmed yet. It’s possible that she could be a family member of T’Challa, and the best candidate for that category is his younger sister, Princess Shuri. Shuri is a fighter and a hero in her own right, and an important ally to her brother.

Monica Lynne

Another love interest for T’Challa, Monica Lynne is an American character and a singer living in New York City. While she certainly fits the “superhero love interest” mold, being without any powers or fight skills, modern day action films tend to rely on female characters who can be better involved in the plot. Monica Lynne is not our first choice when betting on Nyong’o character.

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