m night shyamalan 2013 M Night Shyamalan ghost wrote 'She's All That' before 'The Sixth Sense'From the “in case you missed it” files: M Night Shyamalan claims he ghost wrote the “Pygmalion”-inspired teen rom-com “She’s All That” starring Freddie Prinze Jr. and Rachael Leigh Cook. Seriously.

The rather random revelation comes from an interview Shyamalan did last month with Movies.com during the promotion for his latest critically-maligned box office disappointment, “After Earth.” He was trying to prove his range as a storyteller because “She’s All That” was released in 1999 — the same year as family hit “Stuart Little” (which Shyamalan has a writing credit on) and the Oscar-nominated blockbuster “The Sixth Sense” (which made Shyamalan’s career).

Instead, it’s just more proof that most movies Shyamalan is involved with aren’t actually any good.

We also don’t know how the credited writer of “She’s All That” — R. Lee Fleming — feels about this. Fleming has since gone on to write for TV’s “One Tree Hill” and “The Lying Game,” while Shyamalan has been riding his “Sixth Sense” success for several years of diminishing credibility. Ghost writers are common in Hollywood, but they don’t often publicly acknowledge their work — let alone bring it up themselves — out of respect for the credited writers.

Next up for Shyamalan: writing and executive producing the FOX limited series event “Wayward Pines” starring Matt Dillon and Melissa Leo. He tells Movies.com that he’s excited about the project because it will tell a complete story over the course of 10 episodes and that there’s a lot of “really inspiring” work on TV right now — and he name checks “Game of Thrones,” “Homeland,” “Mad Men” and “The Killing” to prove it.

We hope “Wayward Pines” is good too. Or at least better than “She’s All That.” Or “Lady in the Water.” Or “The Happening.” Or “The Last Airbender.” Or… you get the idea.

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